The Spirit of Seafood

Yuu’n Mee offers you strictly controlled sustainable seafood products in Premium Quality - with a uniquely fresh taste. Stringent quality assurance, seamless traceability, transparency and certified sustainable production methods are part and parcel of this brand's high quality standards.


Yuu’n Mee stands for:

  • Premium Quality
  • strictly controlled sustainability
  • Unique taste & freshness


The Brand Name

The Name Yuu`n Mee is an "invented" word which reflects the Asiatic origin of the products (from Thailand). In allusion to the phrase "you and me“ (you and I / for you and me) as well as the word "yummy“ (delicious), this name stands for the enjoyment of meals eaten together – from dinner for two to a party with friends. In Thai language usage, the wording "yuu`n mee“ means - in the true spirit of Asiatic aplomb - "have a good life / enjoy your life“.