Yuu’n Mee views "sustainability" as the conservation of existing natural resources for future generations.


Yuu’n Mee Premium Shrimps come from strictly controlled, sustainable aquaculture farming methods in Thailand. Respectful handling of natural resources is a major aspect of the Yuu’n Mee philosophy. With the "Good Aquaculture Practice“ program run by the Thai government, Yuu’n Mee successfully implements sustainable aquaculture management. In this context, we carefully consider the following items:


  • Site Selection: To protect existing mangrove forests, no Yuu’n Mee aquaculture farm may be established and operated in existing or former mangrove areas.
  • Furthermore: Yuu’n Mee initiated a separate Mangrove Project to actively promote the reforestation of mangrove forests. Find out more about it here!
  • Top-quality freshwater resources & fast transport routes are just as obligatory as
  • optimum farm management: These farms must fulfil hygiene standards and submit regular reports documenting the animals state of health and the overall condition of the water.
  • In this process, only certified feeding products are used - these contain neither antibiotics nor other banned drugs/chemicals.

In the course of the transport to Europe, Yuu`n Mee likewise ensures a low environmental burden:


  • Yuu’n Mee Products are shipped by sea to Europe, deep-frozen – this has been verified as the most eco-friendly transport method for greater distances.

By deliberately choosing Yuu’n Mee products, each customer actively supports a sustainable production cycle and eco-friendly cultivation.