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Origin: Chantaburi, approx. 200 km south of Bangkok. Organic Aquaculture in Thailand
Farmer: Kritsada

Yuu’n Mee Organic Shrimp are raised pursuant to the very highest production and quality standards - for instance, careful site selection (to preserve mangrove sanctuaries, along with the surrounding bodies of water and the respective eco-systems), low planting densities, appropriate conditions and the reliance on solely non-chemical additives plus renouncing antibiotics. Yuu’n Mee Organic Shrimp are certified according to the new criteria set forth by the EU Directive on Organic Farming - by the entity responsible for enforcing the "Organic in Austria" guarantee.

Know where your food is from!

You would like to learn more about where your Yuu’n Mee organic shrimp are from and how they are processed? No problem! With the Yuu’n Mee Tracking Code, you can find out specific details on the origin and production of Yuu’n Mee organic shrimp - because every harvested batch can be traced without gaps to the shrimp farmers' own pond.


Do you want to know how that works?

Yuu´n Mee specifies that the total quantity available in a pond is harvested for a Yuu’n Mee batch. Based on the most stringent of quality inspections and detailed records, each step in the production process is documented: Each harvested batch is given its own lot number - this enables seamless traceability, all the way to the shrimp farmers' own pond.


The highest quality in the production process:

The shrimp are chilled immediately after the harvest - then transported to the Yuu’n Mee production site (near the farming ponds) as fresh catch. Here, the shrimp are manually peeled, then manually pin-deveined (leaving no residues) and immediately deep-frozen – for a totally fresh and naturally distinct taste.


Here is how you find out the origin:

You will find the tracking code on the bottom of each package of Yuu'n Mee Organic Shrimp. Enter the code to the field at the top left, click "Go!" - and find out more about origin and Production of your Yuu’n Mee organic shrimp.